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FMD specialists in the tri-state area

Dr. Hiral Shah, MD

Dr. Hiral Shah is an assistant professor of neurology at the Columbia University Division of Multispecialty Neurology. She diagnoses and manages patients with FMD and functional neurologic disorders in general.

ColumbiaDoctors - 685 White Plains Road

Eastchester, NY 10709


Dr. Zachary Grin, PT, DPT

Dr. Zachary Grin is a licensed physical therapist in NY and NJ with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. He is practicing in NYC where he provides telehealth and at-home services. He started Rewire Physical Therapy & Wellness to assist individuals living with complex neurologic and chronic pain conditions regain function, passion, and purpose in their lives. As a commitment to his patients' and clients' health and long-term wellness, he strives to provide a unique and individualized physical therapy experience.

New York City


Danielle Kipnis

Danielle Kipnis specializes in yoga, creative movement, mindful alignment, and strength building that is grounded in anatomy and physiology. Classes are built around a keen understanding of movement science, breath, and body awareness. Practitioners are led through an empowering, artistic flow, that leaves them feeling centered, calmed, and energized. Her individualized sessions use yoga as a means to deepen awareness of and connection to our body/somatic selves. Generally, sessions will combine breathing, postures (seated and standing), and and mindfulness mediation. However, each session is tailored to an individual’s needs. She teaches private and semi-private yoga and movement, as well as group classes throughout the New York City area.

New York City

Please contact Danielle Kipnis through her website

Dr. Erica Kaplan, PhD

Dr. Erica Kaplan is a licensed psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist. She has a private practice in New York. Dr. Kaplan provides psychotherapy to individuals with FMD and functional neurologic disorders. 

185 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10016


Dr. Christian Amlang

Dr. Christian Amlang is a movement disorders fellow and assistant attending at the Columbia University Movement Disorders Clinic. He diagnoses and follows individuals with FMD in his clinic.

185 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10016


Helpful Websites About FMD

A website created by Professor Jon Stone for individuals with functional neurologic disorders. Excellent resources to find out more about symptoms, current research, treatment options and much more.

The official website of the FND Hope organization. This is registered charity by patients for patients with functional neurological disorders. Excellent resources to find out more about symptoms of FMD and how to manage them. Also a good way to connect to other patients.

The official website of the Functional Neurological Disorder Society. This is an association of healthcare professionals and members of the lay public who are interested in functional neurological disorders.

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